Friday, July 29, 2005

Good Time

Just got back from seeing Wedding Crashers w/ Mrs. SSG(P) B and my mom. It was a good time. Vince Vaughn was hilarious in Dodgeball, and I've liked Owen Wilson's laid-back approach since seeing him in Shanghai Noon. Together they make for a good combination. The concept of the movie isn't all that brilliant, but it's well written, well-acted, and (in highest praise) it was 2 hours long, but didn't feel it.

Although, it's pretty awkward to watch a movie with lots of gratuitous boob shots with your mom sitting at your side.


JACK ARMY said...

Imagine watching with your mother-in-law... no wife, no friends, no body else, just mom-in-law.

That part was a little awkward, but the rest of the movie we laughed our asses off.

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