Thursday, August 11, 2005


I don't know who said it but there is truth to the saying that there is no freedom like having nothing to lose. Unless one of the people at the very top of my funnel decide to change their minds I'll end this month with nuthin'. I take comfort in the fact that I think I might be set for the coming RCM. All these people who didn't say "yes" this month might just say it next month.

I conducted a couple of appointments today and have a semi-good feeling about one of them. Which one I don't know, but one will join. I wish I could be more hopeful but something my little time out here has taught me is that too much hope to a bad thing. I'm not quite to Shawshank Redemption levels of fearing hope, but it's in the ballpark. So much can go wrong for an applicant between saying they want to join and actually joining. Between some previously unknown medical problem popping up during the 2807 or hot seat, to some stupid problem at the Military Entrance Prevention Station, to the Career Counselor offering a guy with a 97 QT and line scores in the 120s anything better than Laundry and Bath. So much can go wrong and quash that tiny bud of hope.

But today I accepted my abyssmal failure and I've focused myself on next RCM. If mana from heaven drops into my lap I'll put it in before the end of the month, but until that happens I'll just worry about putting in my six (ugh) for next month.


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