Friday, August 12, 2005

You've got to be KIDDING me!

I was out doing some F2F with a friend of mine from the station, SGT Bry. We were really just out driving around (ODA), but you never know when that next contract will just pop up on you. I had to top-off the G-jet so we stopped at a Mobil by the office. Bry and I are standing at the car when we notice, at the island on the other side of the station, a foursome of kids who look to be in the target age group. Bry and I were debating how were were going to approach the situation when one of them broke off and came towards us.

"Hey man," he says, "we ran out of gas and we're all broke."

I just kinda roll my eyes and tell him I don't carry cash and Bry says he's busted too. However; the Army offers a cash bonus of up to $20,000 we tell him, and ask if he'd ever checked it out.

"No way man. I've got better things going on."

I flip.

"What the do you mean you've got better things going on? You're begging for money at a gas station. You don't have anything better going on. Twenty grand from the Army is the best offer your loser ass in a sausage fest of a car pool is ever going to get. off."

The kid storms off to the car with his friends. At this point Bry and I kinda look at each other and start doing the math. I have no doubt, all things being fair, the two of us would wipe the floor with those four. But, we don't know for sure if all things woul be fair, and it wouldn't look good for two noncommissioned officers and grown men to beat the snot out of a group of kids on a security camera. Luckily for them (and us) they just get into the, supposedly empty of gas, car and drive off.

Bry and I just laugh about it and move on with life.


Militantpundit said...

classic story!

My best one was the kid who rode his bike through an intersection and directly in front of the Dodge Stratus. The bumper makes contact (barely, mind you) and the kid turns around to start yelling at me. I toss out one of the friendly frisbees at him with my card taped to the bottom. I told him when he is ready to buy a car to call that number and ask for me.

He joined the following week. He said that it was a sign from God.

I love my job.

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