Friday, September 02, 2005


I feel like a Scooby-Doo villan. My grandiose plan, which likely cost several thousand dollars to implement, to steel a jewel worth $1,000 has been thwarted by a group of kids and their meddling dog.

I have been discovered. My co-workers read the Army Times article and my mention was enough to make them think it was me. I issued a couple of half-hearted denials, but in the end it was pointless. Turns out my super-sneaky nickname of my rank and the initial of my last name wasn't concealing enough. Plus, there aren't too many detailed Army Reserve recruiters out there who are "tech-savvy" enough to use the web. I didn't have the heart to tell them that Blogger isn't really all that tough to use. Of the 400 recruiters in my office (I'm only exaggerating a little, we've got a lot of people) there are three, myself included, who do not view the computer as some sort of strange, evil box that will steal your soul. A strange evil box that will steal your soul or show you pictures of nekkid women.

So, now my co-workers know who I am. C'est la vie (SSG B: La vee). Maybe I'll change some of what I say, maybe I won't. Who knows. The only... uncomfortable... feeling is knowing that if the Scooby Gang of my office can figure it out the Keystone Kops of the higher-ups should be able to stumble it out as well. Eh... Jack Army can reveal all his info and still be the most-awesomest recruiter blogger out there so maybe I'll get to that point as well. In the mean time I will soon be posting a picture of me because I'm vain like that. But now I've got a round of golf waiting for me. Here's hoping I can crack 130.


Mauser*Girl said...

Sorry to hear they figured you out. It's not quite the same writing when you know people in your immediate vicinity read your stuff. *shudders* But you get used to it.

Recruiter said...

How'd they react? Where they pissed or did they feel ok about it?

I don't know what I'd do if I was found out. I talk a lot of shit in my blog!


SFC B said...

They thought it was pretty funny actually. Except for my pissing about SSG George one time I've never said anything about them. I don't want to think I put this blog up so I could bitch about those I work with. I put this up so I could bitch about recruiting in general.

No one said anything negative or suggested I may want to take it down, not that I would. The folks in my office have a very Us vs. Them attitude when it comes to USAREC. Anything which focuses on Them is great.

JACK ARMY said...

One decision that I made when I started blogging is that I wouldn't post anything that I wouldn't say to the person's face. It's an integrity thing, I think. And don't think that I don't have plenty to bitch about. I'm about as disgruntled as they come right now, but I'm still loyal - mostly to my own integrity - regardless of what others may think or think they know.

Does that make sense?

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