Friday, September 30, 2005


I had written a post dealing with a young man I had on the floor, but I didn't get it finished before he was DQ'd at MEPS. Turns out he has horrible vision. I mean awful. Which is a good thing forMEPS because before I found out how bad his vision was I was planning some serious war crimes and atrocities to commit upon them.

I dislike MEPS. A lot. They have no fear. There is no one calling them asking about their processing lists. In the balance of power between MEPS and recruiting they hold all the cards. All 52 of them. Recruiters are stuck holding the stupid instruction card that comes in a deck. Whatever insanely stupid thing MEPS requires we must do. They don't even need to follow their own published guidance. They can make it up as they go along.

I swear, the MEPS morning meeting must go like this:

MEPS Person 1: "We have 20 people on the floor today. We cannot approve them all. If we did that the recruiters would expect it to happen again. Now, how can we knock 5 of these applicants out?"

MEPS Person 2: "One of them has a tattoo that says 'Hello'. We can DQ him for profanity."

MP1: "BRILLIANT! We need four more."

MP3: "This guy is 32 years old and he says on his 2807 that he saw a counselor when he was 8 after his parents died in a car crash. We can DQ him for that until he can provide us documents from a doctor he saw 24 years ago."

MP1: "Excellent. That will drive the recruiter to drinking for sure."

MP2: "This woman wears glasses. When she gets here we can DQ her too."

MP1: "But she might be able to see well enough to qualify."

MP2: "Don't worry. She won't."

MP1: "I like your style."

MP3: "Oh,I've got the motherload here. These two are both applicants of SSG B. That gives us 5 we can DQ."

Anyway. Need to get to work.


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