Wednesday, September 14, 2005

How I do it?

Dreadcow asked recruiters managed to make it through the day. Well, I can't speak for all recruiters, but I know how the people in my station make it.

SSG Bri gets it done by killing a Mountain Dew and looking at his orders transferring him out of USAREC effective 1 October.

SSG Rage goes through his day powered by an anger and hatred that would power a million suns of pure anger and hatred.

SSG George gets through the day by killing several bottles of Coke.

SFC Royal downs a pot of coffee in the morning. Of course he might be using the pot of coffee to try and offset the effects of the pitcher of beer he consumes after work to forget the pain of recruiting.

Your's truely? I make it through my days with a couple of crutches. One, I'm cynical and that keeps me grounded. Two, a couple bottle of Diet Coke help. Three, when I'm really, really needing a lift I use the power drink that is sweeping the nation!


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