Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Please Don't

I think I was happier when the recruiting gods were just happy with me being miserable. Now,I'm being set-up for failure again.

Tuesday my first contract in two months dropped. A nice, easy paper contract resulted in a tic mark next to my name. Sure, it's not quality, it's considered "easy", but you know what? It's a contract and it had been a long time since I'd had one of those.

Now, I'd spent these two months of failure building up something of a funnel. I didn't mean to, but Ive been prospecting, finding people, and just not having them come through for me for one reason or another. Well, now they're getting ready. Two waiver packets were dropped off at OPS with my name on them. One, a DUI which should take about 3 days to get approved. The other though is a USAREC waiver which will take a lot longer. I'm kinda glad of that though because even if it takes like 5 weeks it's still a contract for next month. I've got a couple prior service guys working and I'll make sure to push on of them through this month, andI've got a medical waiver that will come through in about two weeks.

All in all it looks good.

That is where my concern comes in. It will not be this easy. Bad things are coming. I'm afraid. Pain.


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