Monday, September 05, 2005

Random Mutterings

Astros up 4-0 on the Phils in the second. Will it last? I dunno, but I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

I'm currently listening to the Avenged Sevenfold album which I'd bought on iTunes. I like it. I'd never heard of them until their current single Bat Country started getting airplay. Again... I like it. I don't know why. It sounds good, it's hard, it's fast, when I'm on the motorcycle listening to the iPod and it comes on I go faster. I like songs that make me go fast.

Oh, and an incredible anniversary recently passed. On August 30th 1993 the Astros traded Larry Andersen to the Boston Red Sox for Jeff Bagwell. One of the greatest trades in baseball history.

Braves Suck.

*UPDATE* I've managed to get myself some comment spam. Trying to go through and delete it. I feel so special now.


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