Sunday, September 18, 2005

We'll see

Sometimes you need to treat recruiting like cooking pasta: just throw it against the wall and see what sticks.

I'd conducted an interview w/ a guy that I thought wasn't going to be joining the Army. He just wasn't very committal. Although he didn't want to enlist he was willing to take the ASVAB and phys. Now, usually, when someone isn't willing to enlist I won't set-up a physical. I'll ASVAB a crackhead off the street, but the physical is usually only done when someone has committed, or all but committed to enlisting. That's for two reasons. 1. The physical isn't cheap. There is a cost involved. Sure, it's not my money, but I am a custodian of the taxpayer's money and I don't want to waste it giving a physical to someone who won't join. 2. If I test and phys a guy he can take that and walk into another service or recruiter's office and join for them. I don't want to do their work for them.

But with this guy I did. I had no clue if he was even going to show up. But he did. I got a call at 8pm tonight saying he'd arrived and checked into the hotel for the night. It was a double edged call though. He wanted to call and tell me he'd arrived and that he was ready to join the Army. Yay. He had forgotten his 680 (form required for testing) and needed one for the 0600 test tomorrow morning. Boo. Oh well, he was ready to join and I've done dumber things for people who weren't. I went to the office, printed a new 680, and took it to him at the hotel. I just got back from the trip.

I'm tired, it's late, and I have an early morning getting a GED for another station. It's my own damn fault though. Should have done it Friday but I didn't. Bad SSG B. Bad.


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