Thursday, September 22, 2005

What would you prefer? (more pathetic attempts at punditry)

The post title is what I'd like to ask Kevin from The Command TOC when he complains about the presence of recruiters at the Astrodome volunteering their time to help Katrina evacuees. It seems that 10 recruiters from the Houston area have been volunteering their time to help the victims of Katrina. I'm guessing that Kevin isn't upset that these NCOs are providing aid and comfort to people who are in dire need of both. He's upset because these recruiters will do what recruiters will do. Namely talk to people about the Army.

For some reason Kevin doesn't think that the people of New Orleans deserve the chance at a life better than living off hand-outs in a sports stadium that has fallen out of use. I guess he'd rather have all those people hoping enough minimum-wage jobs open up in the Houston area to allow them a chance to start over. God knows that the guaranteed job training, free room and board, free health and dental care, and guaranteed pay and benefits the Army has to offer are the last thing that people displaced by a disaster need. Oh, and if they qualify, a cash bonus of up to $20,000 which would probably help a displaced family recover. I'd be willing to bet that the Army was providing the BEST job opportunity of any of the employers going to the Katrina evacuee centers offering employment. I guess Kevin doesn't want people who have had their lives destroyed by a disaster be given a chance to take charge of their lives again and recover.

I think Kevin might be a closet racist. Why do I think that? Why would I make such an outrageous claim? What possible proofcould I have for that? Well, I have the same proof that Kevin had when he claimed that the entire right-of-center conservative world was racist. I'm making stupid assumptions about the statements he's made.

In the comments of this post Recruiter from the awesome Confessions site made the same observation I made. Namely that the Army could be just the chance that these people (evacuees) could need. When making this observation Recruiter used a phrase that Kevin took to be racist. Now, what horrific, awful term did Recruiter use? Was it n****r? Spearchucker? Tar baby? Or any of the other hateful words that can be used? Nope. Recruiter instead said "these people". Recruiter said "these people" when describing a specific group of people; Katrina evacuees in the Astrodome.

When replying to Recruiter's comments Kevin goes straight to the racism card and claims that, obviously, Recruiter, and the Army, and everyone who doesn't have DailyKos on their Favorites list is a racist. Recruiter was using a totally race neutral term, but Kevin assumes he's a flaming KKK member. I think Kevin might be projecting a bit of his on failings on someone else.

Recruiter wants to provide a new hope and opportunity to people who's lives have been destroyed.

Kevin would rather have black people remained trapped in the Astrodome relying on hand-outs.



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