Thursday, November 10, 2005

Curtain starts to fall

I'm essentially done for the month. The month actually ends on Monday, but my chances of getting the Reserve to 50% gross died when I failed to make contact with a PS who's NGB 22 was received yesterday. Unless a miracle occurs over the weekend he won't be joining on Monday.

Oh well.

He will be joining though, so as it stands I should be able to recove from this shortfall next month. Quarter boxing is unlikely unless a lot of things go well, but it's at least possible and provides me something to shoot for.

Mrs. SSG B made some Mexican Lagasna last night (Yes SSG George, it had to be mexican). It was delicious and I'll be feasting on the leftovers tonight. I don't know what everyone has planned for this weekend, but I shall be spending some time watching "Firefly" on DVD. And on that subject let me make a poor appeal to anyone who reads this. If you get the chance go see "Serenity" or try and catch an episode of "Firefly". Fox and Universal should be taken out back and shot for the hack job they did in promoting what really is one of the most awesome things I've ever seen on TV or the big screen.

Anyway, don't know if I'll post again this weekend. Recruiting-related activites are going to be on a mini-down turn with the holidays approaching. I've got leave, a wedding, and some other things coming up over the last month of the year. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend, and I hope that people take some time over the holiday to remember those who have come before us to make our country what it is today.


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