Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I had a serious E2 moment yesterday. At 730 I had this feeling that I'd forgotten something. Usually the only thing that prompts that fear in me is when I have an applicant on the floor and fear I've forgotten about them. I didn't have any shippers so I chaulked the feeling up to just being stupid.

I get to the office the same as SSG George, 810. We stand there and bull for a minute or two about the weekend, etc. As we walk to the door SFC SC2 asks us "What was supposed to happen at 800?"

George and I each remember at the exact same moment. Production meeting.

Totally forgot. Had it in my planner. Didn't remember it.

George, myself, and SGT G-U (the new jack), had to report in to the office at 600 for a production meeting. Oh well. Had it coming. It was a stupid mistake on our part, one that we shouldn't have made. C'est la vie. La Vee.


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