Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Watch those goal posts

Well, wrote my second volume contract for the month yesterday. And with Volume still equalling box it means that my part of the mission is done. With half a month left I feel gooooooood. Or at least I did. Now I just need to make sure I'm good for next month too. Ugh.

As it stands right this second I should be okay. I've got two GAs who are penciled in good. They're not guaranteed at this moment because they have open traffic that will, hopefully, be resolved in about 10 days. By some strange quirk of fate their traffic hearings are on back-to-back days. So as long as fines are paid, insurance information is provided, and nothing else goes wrong, I might be able to write at least one of them in week 1.

Until then though I get to "enjoy" that strange thing in recruiting where I must now prospect harder. Even though I'd accomplished my mission, and I have something vaguely resembling a funnel, I must have more. I have thick skin, having SFC SC2 give me a hard time about my motorcycle, my hair or lack thereof, or whatever other superficial thing isn't a problem. However, if I stop having people in the Army he'll start to get on my case about work, and that would be a problem. I like not being effed with too much to allow it to stop.

My nine-month evaluation is coming up soon, and supposedly the CSM will be dropping by the station some time this week. And by me typing that it pretty much means he'll come by unexpectedly and it will be painful.

To everyone in the office: I'm sorry for inviting the pain on us.


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