Saturday, June 10, 2006

The approaching switch

The end of RCM June is approaching. Monday will mark the last day for someone to get off a donut, and Tuesday will be the day that all our sins are washed away, and all our miracles are forgotten. The enlistment of a Middle Eastern Translator and some numbnut failing to get their Good Enuff Degree didn't happen as of the 13th. It's a mixed blessing.

The mission for my component gets a bit more interesting this coming quarter. While SGT W^3 and myself savored the good life of a 2, 4, 2 this quarter it's a 4, 4, 3. A bit more difficult, but far from impossible. The bodies are there, we just need to find them. The job will be made much easier if our Regular Army partners can improve. The "tide lifts all boats" applies to recruiting as well. Plus, I try not to let it, but it does get frustrating when the minor success W^3 and I contribute gets buried in an land slide of pain from the other side of the ledger.

This evening most of the station will be enjoying the sights and sounds of Chase Field as the D'backs take on the Mets. I've only been an Astros fan since '89 so I have no memory of '86, but when I became a fan of the Astros I picked up a full-helping of Mets-hatred. Hopefully this will be a solid stomping by the D'backs and I can write a wrap-up that will make Baseball Crank's ears steam for his summation of past Astros mistakes. It's depressing to think what 1998 looks like with Lofton, Schilling, Harnish, and Abreu wearing blue and gold.


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