Friday, June 09, 2006

Firday Firday

There's an inside joke to "Firday", so please move on with your life if you're not shaking your head.

Currently visiting one of the outlying stations. Had a couple of appointments yesterday and one more today. Yesterday was a wash, one got a 14 on the EST, the other is just looking at their "options". It's like you just want to take them by the neck and throttle them until they say "yes" or "no". "Maybe" is something that will drive me to drink. In the end though Option-boy wasn't willing to commit to anything, not even a test done at the MET site so that's a "no".

I'd started and stopped a couple posts this week. For whatever reason the ol' muse hasn't been kind lately. It's not the first time I haven't felt it. My "edit post" menu is filled with poorly written and thought-through drafts.

However events of this week do require some comment. I mean, c'mon folks, it's the first official Shiloh Jolie-Pitt pictures being published! That's like the most important story ever! I can't imagine a story that could be more important. I'm relativly confident that Shiloh Jolie-Pitt is going to grow up to be painfully dysfunctional. It's just a feeling I'm having in the back of my brain, but she's going to put every child star to shame in the levels of life-screwed-uppedness she's going to have to endure. She's going to be both the Olsen twins and the Diff'rent Strokes cast rolled up into one. All the coke-snorting, self-induced vomitting, liquor store robbing, Penthouse posing, and bizarre appearances in Kid Rock videos wrapped up into one photogenic tabloid cover fodder.

Oh, and there was something about an airstrike in Iraq. But according to many people who really should know better it wasn't important. That the deaths of the people in the strike won't end the insurgency, and that Bush could have killed him years ago so now it's all just a way to distract from the price of gas. So, that whole Iraq thing just isn't as important as a baby born to two pretty faces.

I wrapped up my last appointment and am now preparing the packet. No one wants to join more than someone unqualified, and her 28 EST isn't filling me with warm fuzzies. Oh well. Who knows. Have a good weekend.


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