Friday, June 30, 2006

Round Chambered

Got a bit of good news yesterday. Two bits of good news even. The first was a tester of mine came across with a 57. Yay. That brings my average tester QT for this week to a 28. Yes. Do the math on it and you'll find the QT of the first person I'd tested.

The second bit of good news came from my GED failure of last month. He passed the portions of the GED he'd failed and he's ready to come back and join, and ship, and be a Soldier. Yay-er! His packet is still all done from the last time he enlisted, all he has to do is inspect and he's in. That'll put me at 3 volume, 2 net. I do have a young woman taking the phys today, but she's probably going to be a med waiver, and has a tattoo that may be a problem. I'd never noticed it before because she wears earrings and had her hair down the previous times I'd met her. Who the hell gets a tat on their ear lobe?

Anyways, it's looking like I'm going to need to find at least one more, and possibly two more, people to enlist this month. It's frustrating because if I'd been a bit more aggressive or attentive I might have been able to prevent the positive match. Doing a bit of a personal AAR I realize that I'd gotten too focused on putting someone in during Week 1 than on making sure the person would stay in beyond Week 2. SSG Rage is laughing right now I'm sure. Without that pending loss we'd be looking at a 3 for the AR rather than returning to a two. SGT W^3 might have had a bonus fall into his lap, but it's something that will require a good bit of processing, and won't happen quickly.

It's Friday, and I'm going to be late for PT. This morning we're taking on the other two local stations in a game of basketball. Undoubtedly this will end in another glorious victory for the Mighty Glendale. Now that I think about we've done pretty good in sports ever since SSG Rage PCS'd. Hum...makes one think.


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