Friday, June 02, 2006


Mrs. SFC B recently discovered a website that makes me think that maybe we should have used a couple more nuclear weapons in WWII.

Japanese TV is just... strange. Of course, in their defense, I think it would be far, far more interesting to see an Americanized version of the heart-rate show with the dominatrix rather than some other redone British home makeover show. Bring on the chicks in leather with whips and large phalluses!

Speaking of large phalluses, one of my favorite web related pastimes is to look through the "came from" stats on my site counter. It's entertaining to see some of the search engine results that bring people to my site. My post about a spanish spam message promising me a larger... something... resulted in me getting a whole lot of traffic from spanish websites. Who'd have thought that many people were googling "ejaculando"?. I wonder how much traffic "phallus" will get me now?

For some reason Googling "Trent Reznor gay rumors" resulted in me getting another hit. Although my site appears no where on those search results. "Recruiters lie" and "lies recruiters tell" both got me more traffic. They didn't stay long though since apparently my site wasn't what they were looking for.

Anyways, it's been a routine week. Appointments have been made and conducted. The usual assortment of qualified not interested, interested not qualified, and qualified interested but not sure of component were conducted. I do have an applicant prepared for the next week, and plan to enlist him then. Although I could like to hide him until next month the recruiting gods do not approve of such actions, so if he's able to he's going in. I'll worry about next month next month.

SGT Patience finally popped his cherry after two and a half months of suckitide so we're going to go enjoy a lunch in his honor. We might even let him come along. Might.

I've been debating trying to add something to the header of my blog. Maybe an icon of some sort. Although I like my Bud Ice Penguin that's more of a personl thing. I was also thinking of something cheesy like a Sergeant First Class insignia with either a "B" in it, or wearing glasses. I know it's stupid, but the plain blogger template just isn't doing it for me any more. I want something different.


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