Monday, June 19, 2006


In the year and some odd months I've been on recruiting I've seen a handful of acts of vandalism conducted against recrutiers, stations, and vehicles. These acts include:

Throwing eggs at recruiters
Throwing eggs at government vehicles
Breaking the emblems from government vehicles
Shattering the window of a government vehicle
Breaking the steering column of a government vehicle
Stealing the tires from a government vehicle

That's just at my station.

This morning, while preparing to drive to an appointment, I discovered that my GOV had been broken in to. Among the items stolen were my satellite radio, the change in my coin tray, some RPIs, and... this is the best... toothpaste.

In my center console I had a variety pack of toothpaste. It contained four travel size tubes of toothpaste of different flavors. The thief only stole two of the flavors leaving the remaining. My car thief may be finicky, but at least he tries to be hygenic. So if anyone sees a guy with recently brushed teeth, listening to a satellite radio, and paying for something with coins please shoot me an email.

Oh, and in the Sirius/XM war I chose XM because they have MLB. It's been a choice I never regretted. I like their playlist, they have the sport I like and the team I love, and it's been something which I've been very happy with. Until I had to report my radio stolen. I was left on hold for about half an hour, and when I finally spoke w/ a service person I learned that I may be charged to activate a replacement radio. WTF? It's not a given, and I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt, but making me pay to reactivate something that I didn't want to cancel in the first place will make me want to hurt things.

Anyways, it's Monday and the week is already off to a painful start. Mondays in recruiting are usually painful enough, the burdens of meeting PMS numbers, trying to find that next contract to stovepipe to maintain leadline are fun enough by themselves. Adding in the pain of having a vehicle broken in to, and your possessions stolen just increases the fun.


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