Thursday, July 13, 2006


A search for "USAREC web log policy" leads to 559 web pages that don't answer the question. A search for "Army web log policy" leads to 10,600,000 web pages, but buried in there is a memo from the Multi-National Corps- Iraq policy #9 dated 6APR2005 (PDF). Their policy applies to all people under MNC-I, but it requires an operator to register w/ the command, and not post classified info, FOUO info, incidents under investigation, information covered under the Privacy Act, and casuality information prior to notification of the next-of-kin. Email conversations with someone in the CENTCOM's PAO provides the guidance in that policy memo as well as in AR 25-2 and AR 360-1. It makes sense to me that the Army would have the most interest in getting a handle on web logs since, according to the Army has the most blogs of any branch. The most by a large amount. A quick search down the blogrolls of other bloggers shows a huge number of "Army" blogs. I suppose that between the size of the Army, and since the Army is the service most involved in post 9-11 actions, that our Soldiers would take to the newest way to write home.

Although Soldiers deployed to hostile areas are allowed to maintain a web log, they do have to register, and that registration of course will cause some restraint on those under the command to not say everything they may want. And that's the way it is in the military. We do sign away some of our liberties by joining. It's the price we pay. But as near as I could find the Army's policy is to allow its members to maintain a personal web page, as long as it does nothing to
degrade good order and discipline. I stand ready to be proven wrong by a more knowledgable authority.

I find myself looking over my shoulder as I write this here at my home. Recent events, that started innocently enough, have put me in a situation with more attention than I'd ever wanted. And yes, I realize that writing about it will only increase that attention.

Well, we'll see what happens.

In business news a young man is shipping out for me today. Despite the frustrations he's caused me in my year and a half of working with him he's an eager person who wants to serve badly. And those don't grow on trees. I've had a decent run of putting useful Soldiers into my units. I'm confident that he'll ocntinue that trend. The Recruiting Gods will surely be warming up their bolts of pain. The station is close to boxing. And with a bit of luck and work it will actually happen. That will mean wicked points.

The Astros traded for Aubrey Huff from the Evil Fishies. Huff is a 30 year old slugger who can stand around 3rd base, as well as play 1st and the corner outfield slots. The Fishes allowed him to pass his prime waiting for over paid free agents to move on, but he's still got a decent stick and is currently career leader in most D-Ray hitting categories. That's not to damn with faint priase though. His performance year to date has been much better than the man he's replacing, Jason Lane. The Astros are below .500 and only trailing the Cards by 6 games for the division lead, although with three teams between them. Hopefully Huff, who's been a decent hitter all his career while maintaining an OBP around .350, will provide a jolt for one of the worst hitting teams in baseball. His sinister nature will allow the Astros to get away from their righty-heavy ways. Sandwiching Morgan Ensberg between Lance Berkman and Huff might be a good start, and with Mike Lamb playing above his head all year there's a good deal of flexibility at the corner positions.

Hum... The Detailed Adventures of an Astros Fan... just tossing new blog title ideas around.


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