Saturday, July 22, 2006


Finishing up the last of the laundry. Did a bit of housework as well. Mrs. SFC B went to New England for a friend's wedding, I wasn't able to go because of the training next week, that and taking leave the first week of the month never works out well. One of the tasks I undertook which will cause Mrs. SFC B no end of frustration was organizing the CDs. Rather than trying to break them down into arbitrary categories I did it by the simplest way: ABC. It's amazing how much less cluttered a floor is when 550 CDs are in their racks rather than strewn about creation.

Serenity debuted on Cinemax this weekend. I feel like one of those pathetic fanboys who just can't let something go. It's a movie (and TV show) that just never got the fair shake it deserved. Firefly got the same jerking around treatment from FOX that NBC gave to News Radio. However, where News Radio was able to survive for five seasons Firefly's high production values, and the... bizarre... genre it filled (dramedic space western?) doomed it to a half-season run. Since a sequel to the movie is unlikely to occur, and the straight-to-DVD of season two is nothing more than fan wish-casting, Cinemax's broadcast is the best I'll have to do with.

Tomorrow I travel so blogging will be even lighter than normal, unless SSG Rage ever decides to take advantage of the fact he's an authorized contributor. Of course, then again, I probably don't need someone from the battalion reading Rage's profanity-laced rantings against the latest perceived slight to his sexual orientation.

If I spontaneously combust everyone should know that it was because SSG Rage focused his immense anger enough to make me combust from 1,500 miles away.


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