Thursday, July 06, 2006

Round Fired

The young man who'd DEP lossed, then passed his GED enlisted today. He's a happy commo guy now who'll be $4,000 richer upon completion of his training. As an added benefit he's a quick ship, leaving in a week. He's already been cleared for law and drugs so I don't have the ugly spectre of the Positive Match or DAT coming. Hence why he ships in a week rather than the usual two.

The enlistment comes at the right time since I finally, officially, took my positive match loss. This keeps the AR at 2 for 4 with a week left. It's going to come down to the wire, but SGT W^3 looks to have those two lined up. If the RA can get its butt back in gear actually doing our job and making mission is within sight. SFC SC2, I apologize for calling the attention of the Recruiting Gods down upon us with my bravado. I'll flaggelate myself tomorrow.

With T2 almost in the books and T1 coming up I'm looking over my possible list with a bit of hope. My first 09L graduated BCT and was home for the week prior to the start of his AIT. I put him to work finding people and he might have come through for me. He'll be in the office tomorrow with two people, one who said he was ready, and the other, an older married guy, who's just looking for information. If the former is really ready he'd be a Godsend and I'd owe a PFC lunch.

Anyways, it's getting late and PT is coming early. Have to get it done before the big ball of fire in the sky gets up to strength. Valley of the Sun for sure.



For a change I was writing a very long, and actually well-thought out post when FireFox came to a screeching halt. There were no survivors. My muse hase taken a bottle of tequila and my id to a back room of my brain. She's not happy at me for not saving. No wonder she leaves me often.


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