Friday, August 25, 2006

More things change

The pace of recruiting has, of course, caused some changed in the station. Since I reported in back in FEB05 the entire station has now turned over, with me having the longest period of service in this station.

With this turnover I figured I'd update my "Cast" listing.


SFC B: The hero of this story.
SFC SC2: The villan who seeks to destory our hero. I kid. He's actually awesome and, again, I doubt I'd ever have a station commander who'd I'd like to serve under as much.
SSG George: If you were to cross Sancho Panza and Deputy Director Bullocks you'd have SSG George. Or, well, his fictional character amalgamation.
SGT Tree: Still meeting his next contract with every lead. Gotta love the hope.
SGT W^3 or SGT WWW: He remains the other reserve recruiter, but now he's added a very unique restriction to his list of traits.
SGT Patient: No longer new. He's actually enlisted a couple people and will enlist many more through the Tree-ian process of conducting everyone.

Newly arrived:

SFC Samurai: Named as such because of my suggestion he commit suicide in the honorable manner of the samurai every time something doesn't go right. He's actually a far better recruiter than I am, but SSG Rage started the tradition of having to tell someone to "kill themself" on a daily basis. It might as well be me telling him.

SSG Tomas: Although I mentioned him briefly I haven't really explained him. Wicked funny, combining the childlike fascination with causing trouble and the childish ability to cause said trouble. If he ever learns to stop fearing his 90 pounds naked and soaking wet wife he might have less to worry about with going out.

SGT Drop: Our newest new recruiter. She's got some learning to do and is still going through the growing pains. The first DQ'd for phys is the hardest. At least until the next one.

SGT Cheeks: Our newest recruiter, however he's actually a gold badge recruiter from elsewhere in USAREC. He's an AGR guy and will soon be putting in the contracts that I do because he actually cares and wants to succeed.

Anyway, that's how the cast and crew works out now. This should be a group staying together for a while, much like MASH after the death of Henry Blake.


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