Monday, September 11, 2006

Felicia Hamilton

Fiduciary Trust International occupied floors 90 and 94-97 of the World Trade Center 2. 87 men and women from FTI lost their lives on 9-11. In a small effort to keep the names from fading into ether of time I joined the thousands of other writers to say some words about people who we never knew, but to whom we feel a bond.

Felicia Hamilton was aged 62 when she was killed in the WTC2. The NYC resident left behind a loving family, doubly struck by the attack as her son-in-law, Anthony Ventura, worked with her at FTI. Her career was spent in the financial world and NYC. Those who knew her speak of her work ethic and dedication to her daughter and granddaughters. The void left by the passing of a loved one is something that never fills, and never really goes away.

As the fifth year after the attacks approaches and eventually fades the memories will as well. Grief and loss are terrible feelings. The hole left in your life when you lose a loved one like the Hamilton/Ventura families did is one that nothing will ever fill. However time will allow for those left behind to move on. The mind is a wonderful thing. The pain leaves, followed by the sadness. The hurt fades as well and time leaves one with only the memories that bring a smile. Sometimes it's a teary smile, but a smile nonetheless.

In the process of moving on though it's important to not forget the person who was lost. Words have the power to last through the passing of time. Things said and recorded now will live on for as long as they can be read. Felicia Hamilton is someone who should not be lost to the momentum of history. She was a daughter of parents who loved her, a mother to a daughter who loved her, a grandmother to granddaughters who loved her, and a friend to many who she touched by her joie de vie.

It's an awful thing to be forgotten. May there never come a day when those 2,996 become nothing more than a number in a text book.


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