Sunday, October 29, 2006


Got home from the ATC last night. My third ATC and hopefully I've got just one left. The previous ATC was salvaged by the fact that, while it was boring it was in a town with plenty of casinos. This year's event was located about a block from the battalion and 15 miles from my house.

We got some kind-of-useful training and were introduced to a new bit of software that prepares a very pretty looking chart. While the value of the pretty chart may be dubious to recruiting it's something different and it gives me a new toy with which to play.

I've been to a couple of conferences in my time in the Army. Training conferences during my time in Retention and as a unit Full Time Support. Each of them required me to pay a registration fee, usually around 10 bucks for each person attending. My time in recruiting has seen me spend between 28 and 34 bucks per head. WTF. When I spend $34 bucks per person on a meal I want a full meal, free refills on soda, and there'd better be a couple of brews on the bill. Instead on the table is a slightly undercooked thigh of chicken, water, and a salad that's five leaves of lettuce, a single cherry tomato, and a slice of cold apple pie. Luckily I wasn't SGT Cheeks who paid for two meals but only received one since his wife had to go out of town at the last moment.

Oh well, Monday the fun starts all anew.


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