Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Arms and back are killing me. More details to come when things don't hurt so much.

*UPDATE* Unrelated but I do like the song. The video isn't totally awesome, the Asian chick is weird and I think the kid who played Atreyu in The Never Ending Story has a bit part as one of the whisper-screaming faces.


Keeping on a music kick I changed the lyric thingy I have going on to the right. Gary Allen's "Life Ain't Always Beautiful" is, to me, a song that is the reason humans created music. I'm sure that I will get massive disagreement from music snobs like Mrs. SFC B (NIN is overproduced) but it's a song I like damnit.

Now, someone who is a bit too big on overanalyzing things might have noticed a theme with me highting "Hate Me", "Pain", and "Life Ain't Always Beautiful". Let me assure you I don't need to have my shoelaces taken away. I just understand what can make music like that be created, so it's something I like and it keeps me grounded.


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