Tuesday, December 12, 2006


If one were to look through my draft posts list on Blogger you'd find about a dozen different half-written, quarter-thought-out posts where the primary subject is how much I hate, hate, hate recruiting. I never finish them because they're bitchy, repetitive, and I've been counseled three times by my chain of command because of this blog. I've come away form each with my First Amendment rights mostly intact (I'm a Soldier so I realize I only get to exercise that right within set boundaries), but I've taken some advice from wise sources to heart and I try to avoid topics that are bound to get me standing at attention or parade rest.

Mission Monday was last night. The prior service I'd mentioned last week enlisted which made me happy because it got me off a nut. Because of the testing requirements the 09L wasn't able to enlist, but is still good to go for sometime. He's got a couple days off this week and he'll enlist then. So I'll be off a nut in the first week. While I despise having someone on the floor who can't enlist, it's nice when they enlist later. As I often tell people "It's not like you won't need a contract next week/month/quarter."

I've been debating going back to school to finish my lurnin'. My first time in college got derailed by the Three A's: Apathy, Alcohol, and Academic Probation. It's been a while now and I'm not terribly far from finishing my degree. I don't know what the degree would be, but I'm not far from finishing it. My issue though becomes what to do with the badge on my chest.

When I first in-processed the 1SG at the time mentioned how he'd liked to have someone at my station enrolled in the local community college. Because I was a stupid new recruiter I took him at his word. The plan was quickly scuttled when I told my station commander at the time that I was going to go over there and enroll for the next semester. That was the day I learned that nothing comes before production (this is an important lesson Army Sean). Ever since then any time I get it in my little brain to do something to make myself better I have a night where I work until 10, or I'm on the road to some far flung corner of the state. I know I could do some online thing, but the internet isn't for school, it's for games and naughty pictures. Besides, I lack the attention span to take a class online. Particulary after seeing my much-smarter-than-I wife get frustrated by some online classes she was taking.

Oh well, this is a new month and we've got like four days worth of holidays coming up. Awesome. I don't really have a very deep funnel though so I'll undoubtedly wind up cursing the lack of processing days when I can't get someone enlisted because MEPS is shut down for the week.


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