Friday, December 08, 2006


Well, I've spent the better part of the month being the World's Worst Recruiter. With a single day left in the recruiting month I've got my last hurrah lining up. Monday is D-Day for me and I've got the possibility of two people hitting the floor that day. I've got a med review/waiver who will be looked at tomorrow, and the possibility of a 09L maybe, if things go right, getting some processing done as well. It's a whole lot of maybe for a slight chance to not suck, but when you're on a nut you do what you have to.

Normally I'd be very unhappy with my suckitude, but SGT Cheeks finally came through and managed to write three so far this month. Because of his efforts the station is good to go. I just need to write something to keep myself off the suck list and to maybe get some points. So it's a different type of failure. I'm only failing myself rather than the station. I'm just anxious because having a pending med waiver or a special missions contract on the floor guarantees I'll be at the battalion until COB in USAREC on that day. This would mark the third month in a row I got to see the battalion OPS section in inaction on the final day of the month. I should see about getting a building ID for when I'm down there at 2200.

Oh, and in dork news, I changed my background on my laptop. It's now an Autobots symbol. You can get your very own here!


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