Monday, January 29, 2007

Like mana from heaven

This morning I'm going to be proctoring an ASVAB at one of our local schools. It's usually a decent enough time. We're not allowed to activly recruit during these tests, but if someone breaks their pencil lead I'll be there with an Army pencil to hand them.

The ASVAB can be a recruiter's dream. It's a list with name, age, phone number, future plans, and their test scores. How someone wearing a recruiter badge cannot view this list as a gift from Heaven is beyond me. It makes your job so much easier when you already know someone's line scores.

Last week was pretty damned annoying. I had two prior service folks who were supposed to join, and didn't. One read his work schedule wrong and didn't have this past processing saturday off. The other said he was ready to go, but when the time came to make the choice he started to waffle. So now I have to work on getting the first one squared away, and the second one to sit down and tell me what the hell is going on. However, I do have a grad who said he's good to go this week. If his test scores are in the system I'll be FSR2ing him today to have him on the floor on Thursday.

Right this second the station has actually overproduced on the Reserve side, and the company is YTD for the Reserve. I know a low mission has been a big reason for this, but I don't make the mission. However I need to get these people in for us to remain on this path. It's terribly frustrating to be so close to closing out your mission for the month, and have it all die away.


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