Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Well, it's now 2007. It will be about a week before I'll stop dating forms with 2006. I can't wait for it to happen with a 2807 on someone hitting the floor.

I'll be doing a bit of traveling tomorrow. Going to be going to Flagstaff for an appointment. The person seems pretty interested (otherwise I wouldn't be making the trip on a Wednesday). This is the sort of thing which will jack my PMS for the week. Of course it's a short week so my production will already be screwed.

The holidays were a lot of fun. Mrs SFC B. and I rung in the New Year with Mrs. and SSG Tomas. Turns out there are a lot of people in Phoenix who like Third Eye Blind. Who knew? Not me.

I've added a couple things to the site that appeal to me. One, in my Ego Stroking area you'll find a link to my character in Everquest 2. If there is someone reading this who also plays feel free to shoot me a tell or send me some mail. SSG George, SSG Tomas, and SGT WWW also have toons in the game.

Now, my second one requires a bit of disclosure. I'm a huge Transformers fan dating back to when my dad taught me how to make Jazz transform on a Christmas Morning almost two decades ago. In that spirit I've added a link to the new Transformers movie coming out. I did register my website w/ the Transformers Movie folks and as a result I have a "special" link that will track people I send to their site. As near as I can tell this means nothing other than I get a ranking in their referrer logs. No money, nothing like that. But I'm not well known for reading fine print so if there is something I miss where this results in more than just an ego boost for me I want to put it out there. The non-affiliated link is here.

Anyways, I hope everyone had an awesome 2006 and that 2007 is even better.


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