Saturday, May 05, 2007

New Recruiter Blogger and a Sock Puppet

I've been very lax in updating my blog roll with new recruiters who have taken the step to register for Blogger. There is one new one, yet another Guard dude, who Darth Commando led to me. Darth Commando also claims that another Station Commander has started a blog. However since the first post I read was a post praising Darth Commando, I'm pretty sure this one is a sock puppet of Darth Commando's. No one likes Darth Commando, and no one would ever praise him for anything. Unless they were complimenting him on how quickly he can make an innocent recruiter cry. This is all part of some evil station commander plot to generate additional traffic for his site.

I'm on to you, you Jawa torturer. I'm on to you!


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