Friday, August 17, 2007

Return of the Patriot

No, this is not about my screenplay for a sequel where Mel Gibson's Benjamin Martin returns to avenge the murder of his family at the hands of the British during the War of 1812. However Mel, if you're reading this, give me a call back.

The world of blogdom just got a shot in the arm. Holly, formerly of Politics of a Patriot, has returned to the fold. Her new blog is, cleverly, titled Politics of a Patriot.

Seriously Holly, you couldn't have thought of a better name? Maybe next time you could ask for some suggestions.

I'd like to take this moment to welcome Holly back to the blogging world. She has accomplished a lot of good things. Her work supporting Marines is an inspiration. Her devotion to her country and her desire to serve is admirable. Her addiction to prescription painkillers is lamentable, but we all have our faults. Plus, when she washes the pills down with SoCo, she'll sometimes lift her shirt up for anyone who asks, and that has value.

The Hollyless blogging world was a cold, harsh one. I was only able to persevere the dark times through the occasional emails Holly would send to her well-wishers. Her trials and tribulations as she sold pink phones to Soldiers made us laugh. When she cut her hair to try out for a role in "CATS", it made me care about musicals for a brief second. When she asked me for my bank account so she could send me my share of a fortune she has in Nigeria, it made me suspicious.

Many of us have been touched by Holly.

Er... well.... Holly's writing.

It is a joyous occasion now that she has been returned to us. I'm sure we'll all check back daily for the latest updates about her quest for love, joy, happiness, and those damned kids who will never let her just eat her Trix in peace. So please, join me in welcoming Holly back.


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