Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Dang it

Well, the recruiting gods reminded me of their evilness. My contract from last month was a DAT loss.


Well, it was only marijuana so he'll be eligible to enlist again late in January. I'll still be able to write him before I leave recruiting. However I doubt I'll actually write him since, at that time, I'll be on my transition leave for my new assignment.

Oh well.

I'm currently on leave for the holidays. Mrs. SFC B's family is in town. I do like them. It's not like they're stereotypical in-laws. But Mrs. SFC B, bless her soul, gets wicked anxious around her folks. And, of course, it gets passed on to me. Oh well, I'll survive.

I did most of my shopping online this year. About half of what I ordered arrived shipped and arrived quickly. Unfortunatly, the half that is for my in-laws, I haven't received any shipping notification on. This is starting to cause me some degree of concern, you know, with it being the 19th of December and Christmas is like 5 days way. If I have to go Christmas shopping because of a poor delivery schedule I'll be very, very cross.

Anyways, time to call it a night. Have a good one.


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