Sunday, January 13, 2008

Well Poop

So, as I was leaving the battalion after turning in my cell phone, I discovered just how vengeful the recruiting gods are. They tried to kill me.


Damn you recruiting gods.

Friday I was in a motorcycle accident. Nothing serious. Just a dislocated shoulder and a little bit of road rash. For you nanny staters out there who think that anything anyone (other than yourselves of course) enjoys needs to be regulated and restricted go screw yourselves. I was wearing my personal protective equipment (even my reflective belt!) and had gotten myself out of harm's way before the bike finished skidding to a stop.

For anyone out there though who rides a motorcycle, and doesn't wear a full face helmet every time, dear God, why not? I cannot overstate how much pain my helmet saved me. This was not a serious accident. As a matter of fact, on the scale of "bad things that can happen on a motorcycle" this was downright simple. A dislocated shoulder and some road rash. If I hadn't been wearing gloves, it would have hurt more. If I hadn't been wearing pants or a jacket, there would have been more road rash. If I hadn't been wearing my helmet I'd probably still be in the hospital. When I slid off the bike, my head hit the pavement, hard, and then I rolled over and slid on my stomach for a few dozen feet. My helmet shows the impact from the ground, and from where I slid, face down, on the asphalt. If I wasn't wearing the helmet I'm lucky if all I suffer is a concussion when my noggin slams into the ground, with a skull fracture being very likely. And then when I slid, the chin and visor portion of the helmet got ground down. That is my face if I'm not wearing a full face helmet. Because I was wearing one though, I never lost consciousness, I never lost awareness of my surroundings, and I was able to get myself out of danger (this happened on a city street on a Friday at 3pm) posed by the cars driving by.

I owe my life to a HJC CL-12 helmet.

Anyways... watched the Patriots yesterday.


Just wow.

They are beatable. They've shown that in the past few weeks. However, to beat them, a team must play perfect in every phase of the game. Offense, defense, special teams, must be perfect. A team like the Colts, which is nearly as stacked as the Pats can likely get away with a couple of mistakes, but not many. The Patriots are just willing to use any game plan to beat their opponents. The Jaguars shut down Randy Moss. Shut. Him. Down. And all they got for their efforts was Kevin Faulk, Laurence Maroney, and Wes Welker'd to death. I don't want to describe it as "taking what the defense gives", because a team that went 16-0 doesn't do what the defense allows. I prefer to think of it as "doing what the defense can't stop". It makes it sound more... active... to me.

Have a good one folks.


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