Saturday, February 09, 2008

Sweet release

My first week at my new assignment has drawn to something of a close. The unit has drill battle assembly this weekend though so, I don't actually get a weekend off. And I don't care. I am in bliss right now.

I spent my entire time in recruiting imaging a better life outside of the recruiting station. Honestly, towards the end I had begun to think I'd imagined that life had ever been "good". Spending 10-12 hours a day beating your head against a wall tends to drain something out of you. I had already lost my spirit, motivation, and excitement. Hope was apparently next. I got out just in time it appears.

The change in my outlook on life is amazing to me. I don't "hate" as much. I still cringe when I hear a phone ring, but it's getting better. I'm getting up earlier. I'm sleeping better. I'm not as worn down and fatigued as I was before. I've even lost some weight. My commute is a lot longer than it was when I was in recruiting, but I'm going to a duty location which doesn't make me cringe when I think of it.

One of the things you'll often hear about in recruiting is how lucky we, as recruiters, were to get an additional $450 a month in SDAP. Many times I'd heard a station commander, first sergeant, or some other recruiting leader remark about how receiving that SDAP made us thieves if we underproduced. Well, my orders rescinding my SDAP were official on Monday. So, I'm now making less money, spending more on transportation costs, and I'm happier than I've been in three years. Funny that.


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