Saturday, March 29, 2008

Flying Away and Hurting "Them"

Mrs. SFC B and I are flying to Houston today to meet up with my family. On Sunday we'll be taking the Voyager of the Seas out of Galveston for a trip through the Carribean.


This morning I was trying to pour some coffee and I managed to, somehow, hit my "boys" against the top edge of the refrigerator door. It hurt. A lot.


Anyways. I spent a few minutes resisting the urge to throw up my guts while Mrs. SFC B laughed and laughed and laughed. It's good to know that if I'm ever seriously hurt my wife will laugh, the puppy will lick my face, and the cats will attempt to kill me and then eat me.

Well, I'm outta here. I have pictures of the room toput up, and then maybe some vacation photos later.


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