Thursday, March 20, 2008


This is something I've been mulling over since SSG Rage told me about it.

A former recruiter, and someone I knew personally, was killed in Iraq last week.

SSG Laurent West
, formerly of the Prescott Army Recruiting Station, as killed by an IED in Kishkishkia, Iraq on 11MAR2008.

I wasn't friends with him by any stretch of the imagination. However, he was someone with whom I served, and ran police checks for. He was a professional who, while unhappy to be away from the Soldiers in the field, did his best to accomplish the recruiting mission to which he was assigned. However I do know that, when his tour in recruiting was finished, he was very happy to be returned to the cavalry scouts he missed.

SSG West was a consummate professional who gave his all to the task at hand, whatever the mission. There is a family that has lost a son, husband, and father, and there is an Army who has lost one of its brothers. We all mourn that.


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