Friday, March 21, 2008


So, I get to the airport in El Paso expecting to have a flight waiting for me.


Apparently, five days after I bought my ticket and flew to El Paso, some automated "feature" of DTS canceled my reservation.

I wish to repeat this.

My flight reservation was canceled AFTER I had started my travel.

Initially my ire was directed at the poor dude at the flight counter. It was redirected after he explained, and I comprehended that when a customer's travel agent contacts them to cancel a flight, they'll do it. So I called the folks at Carlson Wagonlit to try and set them on fire though the phone. It was then I discovered that DTS will automatically cancel flight reservations if they're not "paid for". I offered to email the travel agent a picture of my ticket that I paid for, that had sent me to El Paso. I even helpfully suggested that I'd take the picture standing near a "Welcome to El Paso" sign so they could see that I did, indeed, purchase a flight that I took on approved travel orders.

She was not amused.

I hate DTS.

I hate it with a deep, deep passion. I don't know who at DFAS, DoD, or whatever alphabet soup agency thought DTS was a good idea, but a pox on all their houses. I'd love to see a per capita report on the expenses on military travelers before DTS and after.


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