Sunday, August 10, 2008


Wow, two posts in a month. Call me butter because I'm on a roll!

Mrs. SFC B and I had a little bit of a household project we worked on this weekend. We finally installed window tint. Living in the Valley of the Sun means that summer gets hot. Hotter-than-Iraq hot at time. I can't believe it took us over a year to actually do something about our windows. Mrs. SFC B had seen some window tint at Home Depot and decided it would be a good thing. She was right. We bought four rolls of Gila Titanium Heat Control film and it has made an immediate difference. Our living room and kitchen are noticeably cooler as is the upstairs office. Even being total novices at such installation we managed to do the downstairs windows in only a couple of hours. The AC now runs less and the ceiling fan does most of the cooling in the living room now. It is awesome.

Michael Yon has been a person I have read since around his first embed with "Duece Four". I remember being gripped by his story about LTC Kurilla's shoot-out which left him shot three times and his attacker a eunuch. His book, Moment of Truth in Iraq, is a thing to behold. I ordered it while in El Paso and I wanted to save it for when I return next week. That was not to happen. I am too voracious a reader, and to have left his words unread for a moment longer would be an insult. If you're someone for whom I will buy Christmas presents, this is likely what you'll get. Let me know if you already have it. I guess I will have to wait until Crystal finishes her book before I'll buy my next blogger tome.

It's a lazy Sunday again and I spent a good bit of it working on my fantasy football team. SSG George, your reign ends at one.


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