Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Cribbing from Usher

My name is John and I'm a closet political junkie.

Three and a half of every four years I don't pay a lot of attention to politics. I do my reading and I keep informed about what's going on, but it's not obsession-level stuff for me. It's merely information. However, when the primary season gets into full-swing I become an addict. I can't get enough coverage. I'm so thrilled to have discovered blogs and the non-MSM back before the 2000 election. And thanks to the explosion of alternative media outlets, I don't only get coverage of the political events. I get coverage of the coverage. Hell, nowadays you can get coverage of the coverage of the coverage of what isn't being covered!

This must be what's it's like when filthy hippies upgrade from marijuana to heroin (I learned in middle school that being exposed to pot leads you on a collision course with being a crack whore. I doubt that my school would have used scare tactics on such young children so obviously it's the truth.).

I'd like to think that I haven't made it hidden where I sit on the political spectrum. In case I had, you can see my graphy-thingy here. You can look at that and get some idea about what my biases are regarding candidates and their positions.

Last election I debated seriously about posting one of the "I support " banners to my site. I decided against it because, frankly, it really didn't seem proper for me to have such a banner on the website of someone currently on active duty. I make no bones about who I support. However I will probably talk about who I may or may not vote for on the actual Texas election ballot.

So, to my six readers (Hi Mom!), I promise, I will get back to writing about things which don't matter to anyone but me in a couple of months. In the mean time I'm going to see if I can somehow prove that my best man is really the father of Sarah Palin's oldest daughter's first child.


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