Thursday, October 02, 2008

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Did you know the Army made its recruiting goals in August 2008?

And in July 2008?

And in June 2008?

And in May 2008?

And in April 2008?

And in March 2008?

And in January 2008?

And in October 2007?

There are four types of people who will know that. People in Army recruiting. People who read DoD News Releases. People who read People who read The Tension. That is it.

If you were a person who relies upon broadcast or print media to know what is going on, you'd have no idea about this. It has simply been ignored. There have been three stories about recruiting since the start of the new FY.

Those above stories are important. Lord knows my feelings about the recent suicides are out in the open. I have my opinions on the Sac Bee's story from the summer out there too. The only links I've ever received from other blogs have been concerning my writing on waivers. But why are these the only stories out there? I'm not asking for front page, 30-inch stories on how recruiting met its mission for some month. There aren't even 2-inch blurbs on sidebars. It's not like it's hard to find out about this stuff. DoD puts it out on a news release which they release around the 10th of the month. How the heck can and another Blogspot blog be the only two outlets which put that out?


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