Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Well that was dumb

A little over a week ago I'd mentioned the story about a couple of parents suing the Army for their daughter's release claiming the recruiter lied and the had the mother forge the father's signature on the parental consent.

Well, turns out the recruiter really was that dumb.

From the previous account the parents were supportive of their daughter enlisting, at least to the point of throwing a party celebrating it. So, why the hell have one parent forge the signature of another? Only thing I can think of is the recruiter forgot to get PC earlier, scheduled the kid for processing, and wound up needing to scramble when someone asked for PC which wasn't there. Mom's the only one available so he gets her to sign both.

That is so freaking dumb. It's not like this is 2005 and the Army is dying for people. This happened in 2009 when the Army was making mission in like Week 2 of the RCM. The parents were for the kid enlisting, wait the day to get the father to sign it. Taking the hit for having to cancel a processor would be far, far better to the re-opened investigation the recruiter is going to get.

There will come a time when unemployment isn't flirting with double digits and the recruiting command isn't putting people into a funnel two months in advance. Until that time comes though, sweet jeebus guys, put the "way it's done" away and do it the right freaking way. It's hard enough to explain doing this bone-headed crap when things suck. Doing it when things are good is just shooting yourself in the crotch.


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