Tuesday, September 29, 2009

House Hunting

So I'm currently looking for a place in Eau Claire (or EC as the locals call it) and not having a lot of luck. The major apartment search websites, Apartments.com for instance, don't have listings for North Western Wisconsin. This leaves me having to rummage through Google looking for places advertised as for rent. The problem with this is, the places for rent tend to be places for rent right now. So me, trying to look almost two months out, am not having a lot of luck.

The first place I'd contacted which was actually advertising units for rent or lease that far out turned out to be subsidized housing with income caps, which I far exceeded. Of course there was NOTHING about that in their ad so it was something I had to find out after getting semi-excited about possibly finding a place.

El Paso is every bit as dull as I remember it. The unit I'm working for this time is a bit less organized than the ones who usually run these exercises. Or it might just be they do things differently and I'm not adapting. This is a blessing and a curse. It's nice because they've given my element a bit more of a free reign to set our schedule. It's problematic because we don't really have a left and right bound for what we're supposed to do during the events we support. As much fun as it might be to go WAY off the reservation and do things which cause massive ripple effects, it probably would cause more trouble than it's worth, and deprive a deploying unit of a training/ learning opportunity.


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