Sunday, February 21, 2010

Commenty Kinda Goodness!

I check my email and I am bombarded. Like a dozen new emails. I don't have that many friends. I check them and they're all from JS-Kit. Which, apparently, bought Haloscan who previously hosted my comments.

Someone had been going through my archives and leaving lots of comments. Very positive ones which made me reread some of my suffering-induced emo-rantings from a time I'd hoped to forget.

Here's the problem though, and why I likely won't be remaining on JS-Kit. I have no idea which posts this person was commenting on. The admin side I'm looking at has no link to the original post. It takes me to some social-network look alike thingy that doesn't let me see what was being commented on!

So, to whoever you are, if you make it to the current pages "Thanks". I know that I wrote a lot more, and about things that were more interesting way back in the day. If there is anything you have a question about please feel free to email me and ask. I'm always happy to answer questions.


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