Friday, February 12, 2010

Damned if you do....

A senior Army official said the investigation found evidence that military doctors at Walter Reed were so focused on their teaching and clinical work that they failed to adequately supervise Maj. Hasan or alert authorities when he began to express extremist religious views and harshly criticize the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
I am trying to imagine the number of hours of mandatory training that would be required within an organization if one of their senior officers had suggested that the career of a junior officer be stopped because of his religious views. What's great is, even if one of those officers had decided to risk his career to suggest that MAJ Hasan should be investigated, and the investigation had turned up the evidence which has been found, the officer making the original claims would still likely face some fall-out for daring to be so insensitive as to think "This person could be violent because of his religious views". Because, of course, we don't have Dr. Manhattan around to explain to use what could have happened by was prevented by the intervention of this hypothetical officer.


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