Saturday, December 18, 2010


Figuratively and literally.

It has warmed up to the low teens here in lovely Eau Claire. This is a vast improvement over the sub zero temperatures that greeted me every morning last week.

Work has been going well. I do wish that higher wouldn't task us to complete a bunch of SRPs before the end of a quarter where units all complete BA on the same weekend. It is a scheduling nightmare. It is a suspense that can't actually be met given the travel involved, personnel required, and the availability of those personnel. Instead I basically just say "punt it" and get the SRPs done as soon as I can. Talking with my peers at other battalions I'm not the only one with these issues and reaching the same solution.

Last weekend we got nearly 2 feet of snow in a 24 hour period. I wound up being snowed in as the city was unable to plow all but the most major streets in the city. Luckily I was brilliant and had shopped for food and drink before the snow. Unfortunately I was also idiotic and forgot to get foot for the cats. They survived though. I'm sure that angers SSG Rage. Of course everything angers SSG Rage so who really cares?

The biggest recruiting-related story in the past month was an attempt by a recent Islamic convert to try and blow up a recruiting station in the Baltimore area. The military's continued success in recruiting and retention remains unremarked upon by the press. However a story about mental issues in the ranks can't avoid making an oblique reference to the recruiting failures of 2005-07.

My Christmas plans have me traveling back to Sugar Land. Hopefully the trip isn't as snow-delayed as last month. And hopefully the company during the trip is a much fun.


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