Friday, October 28, 2005


Got my guy in today. Second volume GA this month with three more contracts lined up for the rest of the RCM. I'm happy so I popped smoke early today.

Just to upset IRR Soldier, the guy has a 4-year degree and is working on his masters. What is he going to be now? A 63B. BUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

No,I'm not happy that a well qualified applicant didn't become an officer. I'd have loved to do an OCS packet and get the nice points. But the guy wanted to leave now and he didn't have the patience for an OCS packet. He doesn't want to do it, I'm not going to make him. He's a GA and a hi-grad, worth almost as many points. Yay.

Well... it's a weekend. I've got it off.

Fantasy football for this weekend is pretty complex for me. My RB situation is in a bit of a flux. Shuan Alexander has been my stud, but he's off this weekend so I'm in a less than optimal situation. I usually have four RBs on my team, two starters two on the bench. My starters have been Alexander and Tiki Barber with Clinton Portis on the bench. I've been through Warrick Dunn and Deuce McCallister as my fourth. And it's worked out for me pretty well. This weekend is looking interesting though.

You see, I really don't believe that Portis is going to be able to score or run well on the Giants. Because of that I picked up Ronnie Brown of the Dolphins. They're playing the Saints who have been pretty weak against the run, and Brown has been playing pretty well so far. But I've adopted a plan lately where I try and start someone playing against the 49ers or the Texans. Carnell Williams from TB has been injured and questionable for the weekend and Michael Pittman has been very good in his stead. Pittman was available so I picked him up. I'mplanning to hold Brown as the starter, but if Williams isn't going to start for TB, I'll swap him out for Brown. Am I trying to be too smart here? It feels like I am, but even if Pittman doesn't make the start I'm not going to be hurt roster-wise for next week.


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