Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Annnnnnnnnnnd I'm spent

With two in yesterday (Both GAs!) I'm done. AR for the company is boxed. The station boxed once the second guy wrote. I'm done. I am physicially exhausted at this point. Yesterday was painful. I was up at 2am because my wife was ill. I was doing recruiting functions from 5am until I got back to the office at 7pm. During those 14 hours I put about 300 miles on m GOV, enlisted two people, conducted one appointment, and one follow-up with a prospect and spouse. All on about 3 hours of sleep with not one power-nap I'd hoped for coming to fruition.

In some strange way it felt worth it. Mission Accomplished. Now the new mission starts in a week. But between now and then I shall be useless.

I put four people in this month. Now, prior to this month putting four people in would have left me with na-da for next month. But by some weird confluence of Recruiting Gods evil I actually have something of a funnel. I'm awaiting a waiver approval which will give me a GA for week one. If another kid gets his head out of his fourth point I'll have a tester for today and he should write next week as well. If those two get in it will leave me in a position to put in the six (6 six!) that I'm on for next month.

I just depressed myself by reminding myself of my mission that starts next week.

The Astros and Braves start play today. Huge series. SSG Rage is a Braves fan. I think the Brave struck a bargain with Satan back in about 1993 and them and all their fans are doomed to an eternity of burning, nasty, stinging hell. Braves, I don't like 'em.

Should be a fun week.


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