Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Back to suck

Well, last month rocked. Three GAs, one PS, and a red circle on my tin badge because the station and company boxed. I ruled.

Past tense.

Today marks the start of RCM November and I'm back on suck.

If the recruiting gods do not hate me though I shall not be on suck for long.

Mr. Robb is ready to join. He was a serious misconduct waiver and the waiver came back approved over the weekend. With some begging we managed to get him set-up for a walk-on enlistment this morning. He's already test (75 QT!) and phys qualified so the waiver was all that remained.

I drove him downtown this morning, dropped him off, and headed back to the office. As I'm driving to the office the recruiting gods decided to toy with me.

Mr. Robb calls me to say that the guidance counselor doesn't have his approved waiver.


I double time it to my lap top and find the email with the approved waiver. Lo and behold, the counselor is ON THE "TO:" LINE!!!!


No matter. I just call MEPS, tell the counselor to check his email and he'll find the approval. I also suggest that he checks his email before saying that he doesn't have something. The counselor agrees with me and thanks me for not making a big deal out of his mistake.

Sorry. I was in a fantasy world where MEPS actually likes recruiters and tries to make our lives a bit easier.

In reality I spend 10 minutes searching for the email with the approved waiver, then rapidly email it to the counselor and pray that he checks his email before he tells my guy to call me for a pick-up because he won't be enlisting today since the counselor didn't check his email in the first place.

Oh well. Email has been sent, I haven't heard anything back and I'm a firm believer in no news being good news when it comes to people on the floor. Nothing good ever comes from a 7am call from MEPS.


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