Wednesday, October 26, 2005


I apologize for the lack of recruiting-related stuff. I've just been very involved in the Astros and their recent failures have absorbed most of the energy I normally use to post.

I'm still on my net zero, but with the kindness of the powerful, mighty, evil gods of recruiting I should be +1 again soon. Another DUI waiver came back for me and the guy should join Friday. Since he's out-of-area he takes the shuttle and stays in the hotel, so I get to avoid the early-morning run to MEPS. Yay.

If he gets in that means I just need to come up with five more contracts in three weeks to box the station and company. Needless to say I'm hoping to get to four-of-six for the month so I have a reasonable chance of quarter boxing. Eh... we'll see. Please be kind Recruiting Gods. Surely there is another infidel you can punish since the gods of Baseball and Fantasy Football have been taking turns tea-bagging me this week.


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