Friday, October 14, 2005

Who to start?

Tom Brady or Carson Palmer as QB on my fantasy team for this weekend? Palmer has been MONEY so far this season, but Brady hasn't been far behind him. Palmer is matching up with the Titans who can be scored upon, while Brady is going against the Bronc's who have a very inexperienced secondary that Brady and Bill can probably exploit to great effect.

I'm thinking coin-flip but I'm open to suggestions.

*UPDATE 20051016*

I went with the horse that brought me and started Palmer. 272 Yards, 2 TDs (one to Chad Johnson who is one of my receivers (ka-ching!)) and worth 39 points in my league's fantasy format. Brady was 299 for 1 TD and 12 yards on the ground for 36 points. So Palmer comes through for me again.

I'm already looking ahead to week 7 when my choice is easy. Brady is off.

For anyone who might be curious about how my team did (not even my mom would actually be interested, but it's my blog, I'll write what I want to) I should be able to hold on for my second league-best finish in a row, and fifth week in a row without having to buy lunch. I'm up for 40 on SSG Rage, but he's got a WR and RB playing. Luckily they're on different teams so he'd need a VERY high scoring game for both of his guys to over take me. Although I'm almost 80 points up on SSG George, he's got Mannging, Harrison, and Vanderjagt playing. If Manning has a big game going to Harrison a few times I might be in trouble.


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